Desislav Georgiev
is a an entity from Bulgaria,
involved in electronic music
for 14 years.
For the last 5,
AuroraX has become attached to
production and synthesis,
reaching for
the endless ambient fields,
through the prism of dedication
and contribution to
various endpoints
such as movie soundtracks
and themes,
beatless ambient background scenes
with scientific and
educational purposes,
presentation soundtracks in
the humanitarian spectrum,
high-bpm electronic music,
atmospheric drum and base,
and his so far
most strong speciality –
cosmic neodowntempo and psychill
mixed with slow trance rhythms,
ethnic motives from
wide cultural span,
organic elements and instruments,
spiced by the inspiration of
the awe-inspiring endless cosmos.
Ambient and
warm waves strong synths,
mellow pads, low freq-depths –
all combined and
perpetually converged
to a streamline that navigates
through the ears and body,
self-defines in mind and then
re-loops towards the outer,
resulting in
depth-leading emotions,
post-physical experiences,
melancholy and peace.
AuroraX seeks to combine
wavelengths of perception
into a waterfall of
energized audible harmony
which drifts listeners to
one of those scales of worlds,
where no rules but the flow of
freely instigated minds exist.