The nature in our world is a pure mirror/reflection of

our physical essence, of our temporary form.

Observing the natural manifestations,

we are looking at ourselves.

Because planet Earth is our mother,

and the all-encompassing Spirit is our father.

He resides in the earthly forms,

filling them with consciousness and light.

The reality that we exist in, as well as the human being in itself

can be described as quantum space ‒

both consisting of multiple layers.

Moreover ‒ each person possesses infinite potential within himself

and a direct connection with the forces

constructing our life experiences.

We discover an evolutionary step for humanity within this realisation.

So, I decided to explore

the objective principles of the surrounding reality,

and to interact with them consciously,

so as to reveal their potential, and respectively that of the human.

Each one of us,

in addition to the conscious temporary personality,

which we call ʺthe selfʺ,

has a Higher self ‒ which is

our immortal Soul, being reborn countless times over.

The ʺgameʺ of the self is to realize and connect with that part,

as well as to trust

and follow it.

The soul contains an unbelievable amount of knowledge and skills,

and has a higher perspective in each moment.

The self is always supported in its highest intentions

by the soul and the whole universe.

They constantly communicate with us

and guide us in the direction we choose to take,

via intuition, and, especially

through the emotions in our hearts.

Quantum Space

is a conceptual project, whose main objectives are:

→ to Explore the multi‒dimensional reality of Earth,

by the observation of different life phenomena

→ to Apply the knowledge of universal quantum laws of creation

in a manner that makes them visible

→ to Transform my passion for music, nature and quantum knowledge

into a tool and vocation

aimed at the evolution of consciousness

→ to Create a variety of experiences and products that raise the vibration of the users,

and their awareness of reality and its principles

→ to Combine visual language and sound language, so that

they naturally lead

to pleasant extraordinary states of consciousness

→ to Spread high-vibrational philosophies

as well as deeply sensational music and exquisite melodies

→ to Express my admiration of the nature, the universal laws and

the music of some great artists

→ to Be a symbol of a project with a clear quantum focus ‒

conscious co-creation between

the self, the Higher Self, and quantum space,

which I call quantum art, or, reality art